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If anyone is still reading (which, by lack of comments, I'm guessing their not) here's two posts for the price of one. Now, someone get over here and COMMENT!!!

Yes, sorry to keep the readers in suspense, but I had sacrificed my shirt to "save Iris' life." I wasn't sure if she really was going to bleed to death, but the way she asked me to make my shirt into a bandage for her, all flirtatiously and stuff… it seemed perfectly clear that she was coming on to me!!
Wow, very sorry for that.
Anywho, when Iris was back up on her feet, concealing a goofy grin, I asked shyly, "How do we get back to H.Q. from here?"
"Oh, I can just get us back with the motorcycle," she explained.
After a very cold ride (it starts to get absolutely freezing when you're going sixty miles per hour while the air slaps your bare chest) we arrived at the site of our H.Q. to find that it had been obliterated.
The warehouse district in the crack between dimensions had been blown up. It looked like a couple of fighter planes had bombed it from above.

Ham was the first to recover from this cruel sickness of shock. He jumped up and tried to punch Rip, anger fueling his thoughts and motion. Rip easily caught Ham’s wrist and knocked it to the side. Rip’s face was totally calm, but something in his eyes denoted sadness. Immense sadness and loss, but nonetheless, he twisted Ham’s arm behind his back with a mere flick of his wrist, and pushed him forward, so he fell on the floor, face first. Breathing hard, he stood up again, but made no move forward. The rest of us in the room were on our feet. Tears were streaming down Giggles’ face, and Butch and Uma didn’t look up. Shyam was too shocked to speak.
“Come,” the taller man said. Some guards/soldier guys came trooping into the room to make lead us wherever we were going, to make sure we didn’t cause too much trouble. They each grabbed our arms and lead us down a long, gray hallway to a brighter room. But not cheerier. On the wall were 15 sets of shackles, for someone’s arms to hang from. And that’s exactly where we were lead over to. With only a little struggling, the guards managed to get our wrists locked into the shackles, which was not comfortable.
“I have other business to attend to, so I’m just going to get right to the point—Where are the rest of the Dumaniz?” the tall man asked. He was dressed in a white tuxedo, very dressy, but it did not mask the sinister look he had in his cold, cold green-gray eyes. His hair was cropped close to his head, and he sported a graying goatee and moustache. He was the epitome of what a bad guy should look like.
“What, can’t your forces find them, Vollmer?” Shyam asked, shattering the silence. Vollmer’s eyes crank up their power as he glared at Shyam. Shyam almost shrank back against the wall in fear, but he didn’t look away.
“No. My forces cannot find them, Shyam, which is why I’m asking you. I know that none of you will be willing to tell me, but I’m almost certain I can change that, can’t I?” Vollmer asked menacingly. His tone was calm and aloof as he paced in front of us. Even though he emitted no anger, he was deathly scary. He stopped in front of Ham.
“What’s it like to be weak like the rest of us? You’re nothing without your strength, am I correct? You’re useless. That is what all of you are, when you lack your supernatural powers! And Rowina…where were you before all this? You were just a normal girl in High School. Is all this pain you’re putting your teammates through really worth it all?” he asked, stepping over to me. I could not pull my gaze away from his face.
“I…I…” I started, feeling the need to answer.
“I don’t think it is worth it, Rowina. Maybe you should go back,” he said. Something in his voice actually sounded sincere—like he meant it. I looked away and bit my lip, struggling to hold back tears. Was I a nuisance? I did make the swarm of bees, and then I almost died trying to fix a table. Was I like that little seven year old neighborhood kid who always got on everyone’s nerves?
“That’s not true! Ro, don’t think that!” Butch shouted from his spot on the wall. I had almost forgotten he could read minds. Vollmer’s face twitched, revealing extreme displeasure and annoyance, but a fraction of a second later, it retained it’s normal calmness.
“Do you know what I do to people who don’t cooperate with me?” he asked, standing close to me. I shook my head, afraid to answer.
“Vollmer, don’t do it, not to her!” Ham shouted. Vollmer and I both snapped our heads to look at Ham. His eyes were wide and distressed, and he was struggling to break free of the wall. Well, THAT was reassuring. Vollmer smiled, knowing he was getting what he wanted. He put his hand on my forehead and in instants, I almost blacked out from pain. What kinda of torture was this?! How could he be doing that? He was only touching me! Yet still, it was worse than when I was making the table. FAR worse. I was hoping to die, because if I did, then I wouldn’t have to go through this again.
But the pain let up and I knew I wasn’t dying. Part of me was miserable, and yet since I wasn’t dead, another part of me was grateful. I fell limp and would’ve hit the floor if it weren’t for the shackles holding me up. My breathing was deep and my muscles weak. I did not look at anything.
“Stop it. Stop it now, Vollmer! We told you, we don’t know where they are!” Ham said desperately.
“But I know you’re lying to me. And I’m not going to stop until I get the truth. Tell me where they are, or I will torture her until she can no longer breathe on her own,” Vollmer said placidly, yet menacingly at the same time. I wanted to plead with him not to hurt me again. I was afraid I wouldn’t survive, I didn’t want to go through the pain again, but I remained as strong as I could. My body was trembling and if I had been alone, I would’ve been sobbing by now. But I couldn’t let the Dumaniz down, couldn’t let Ham down.
When nobody answered Vollmer’s threat, he put his hand back on my forehead and began again, slowly at first, bringing it on little by little. It started as a tingling pressure in my spine, but increased promptly, twisting my back in a metal vice. As the pain reached its zenith, it vanished.
“Alright! Fine! Just…just please stop!” Ham was shouting. Vollmer smiled.
“Go on.”
“They’ll have gone back to headquarters…check at HQ…” he said, lowering his head in defeat.
“Take them back to their cell. And take away everything this time; all their powers,” Vollmer said to a guard. He nodded, and then the ten or so guards took us off the wall. As soon as my feet hit the ground, my legs buckled beneath me. A guard sighed and rolled his eyes and called over a buddy. Together, they dragged me back to the holding cell.
Things were certainly not looking good from here.

(Sorry, I got a LLLIIITTTLE carried away)

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