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Originally Posted by wiiboxr243 View Post
So, like, i masturbated once and like, i had the ejaculation and everything, but, my balls hurt so bad the next day, and when i looked at them, they were swollen to a very large size and were purplish and blackish.

When i clenched them, i doubled over in pain and fell to the floor, and then it took almost an hour af almost throwing up to be able to sit down.

I tried to sit on a soft cushion, but, even my bed makes them feel like they got kicked by david beckham.

soooo, its been like this for a few days. And i have gym class monday... and we do sprints, and walking kills me already, so, sprints=hell...
I agree with the post above that you should seek medical attention as soon as possible as your problem is a serious one. I would not feel ashamed as I am positive that masturbating did not cause your issue, and you must have some other problem to have caused your testicles to swell up. I know it will be awkward telling your parents about your issue, but just be open and honest and you need help and fast.

Let us know how things worked out and what your diagnosis was.
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