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First off, mental/physical addictions take 28-31 days straight without it to break the addiction. Except if drugs or nicotine are involved (which they aren't). Also, my older brother helped me slow down my porn addiction. He's in the US army in Iraq right now. But he just told me to get obsessed with something else, or really involved with extra-curricular activities. So now, I train for soccer harder and longer, Play with friends, i can now speak fluent french, and my schoolwork improved. So, that is if you really want to stop the habit.

Otherwise porn is generally excepted otherwise the Governments of the world would work harder to slow the availability of porn to teens. Also everyone excepts the fact that all teens will at some point in their lives (especially us guys lol) see porn. Just as our parents know that we prolly jack off even if we werent caught ever.

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