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Default Re: Jokes and Riddles

One day a white guy, a mexican guy, and a black guy are in a garden.
farmer bob comes out with his 12 guage and says "Alright you damned thiefs, im gonna blow your heads off"
the men plead and beg, finally farmer bob says "ok shut yer trap, i gots a task for you, go through my garden and pick one of your favorite foods, then come back to me"
the men go off and find the foods
farmer bob says "drop yer drawers" (underwear)
so hesitantly the men do as told, farmer bob then announces "heres what you have to do, you must take one of the food thats you grabbed and stick it up your butt without any facial expressions or noise"

he stand in front of the white guy and says "yer up"
the white guy reveals the grapes he picked, takes one and inserts it
the farmer walks up to the mexican and says "yer up"
the mexican is fixing to put the lime in, then he starts to giggle
the farmer says "thats it, ima blowin your damned head off, but before i do, would you a mind explainin what in the hell was so damned funny"

the mexican says "well senior, i was concentrating, but then i noticed the black guy, and started giggling because he picked a watermelon"
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