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It's your choice, but the effects of alcohol are there none the less. Alcohol has POSITIVe and NEGATIVE effects like ALL drugs...

Be aware, that although your enjoying yourself there are negative effects of alcohol. You may be assuming that because yoru young you've got years to repair yourself, or that it cant effect you, dont be foooled!

Seriously, alcohol is a poison, just like any other drug, it can be toxic. It can kill you, your body was not designed to take it....

I dont approve or dissaprove of alcohol, infact im drinking it right now....but, im saying that you should be aware of the outcomes of taking a DRUG like alcohol, you should be careful.

DON't DO IT ON A REGULAR BASIS, EVER!!! Addiction can creep up on you, no matter how much you think you can handle!

Don't EVER!! DRINK HEAVILY!!! ALcohol is a drug, or a tool, respect it...your body doesn't deserve a battering. Respect your body!

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