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Cannabis has some serious side effects.....

Although im sure, as young people your all looking for the good feelings drugs like cannabis can bring, you may not notice or understand the side effects of the drug.

Cannabis, when smoked, effects the way your brain works in the short term and long term (although, not usually permanently)....Although im sure cannabis smokers know the good feelings it brings, here are some of the SIDE effects of cannabis, as after all, its a drug...and it doesn;t matter if its soft or hard, hes what it does!

It can make you feel: apathy, depression, lethargy, anxiety (stress)

It can make you think: Psychosis (not being in touch with reality), Paranoid thoughts, etc

It can effect your body: your lungs in a similiar way to smoking (smokers cough, more likely to catch a cold, highler likelyness of developing cancer after long term use) depressed immune system etc

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