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first, you might not be "addicted". you may feel a very strong urge to look at it sometimes but not addicted, say you go into town w/ friends that you only see once a week every friday. would u rather come home much earlier so you could j/o and watch porn before u move on to the other plans of your day? or would it kinda be like id like to see it but dont really care, id rather b with my friends.
but if u think ur addicted then all i can say is the same. dont look at it for about a week then id think you'd be over much of the temptation so it would be easier to look at just a lil or not look at it at all. and also what habook said, do something like extra-curricular activities that would either take your mind off of it or give u some more things that you really wouldnt have the time to sit down for a big porn session is offline