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Default Acne makes me dizy

I'm a 17 year old guy..and i've been through the hardcore acne phase and all that jazz... now its more like, i get a pimple here, some acne there...etc.

ussualy to solve this problem, I scratch it, yes i scratch acne and i've been doing it for a long time...and it doesn't cause scars to me (unless i look REALLY close to the mirror, then i see random scratches and holes, but those are only noticibal if your eye is like an inch away from me). Sure it hurts, but if you do it enough, liquid oozes out and i feel fine after

Anyway, point is, i sometimes get acne between the eyes, at the top groove of the nose (the inward bump between the eyebrows, etc). Currently I got a little bit, anyways, if i scratch that, it starts to make me dizy and really sick.

Why is that?

(i'm not sure if this is in the wrong i didn't know if i should ask the VT hospital or puberty)

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