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Default Me, My Friend and His Girlfriend

Okay, so about 5 months ago, my friend, Josh, tells me that he likes this girl. I said okay, good for you. He tells me the very next week that he's going out with Erika, the same girl. I still said good for you. Then for the past 4 1/2 months, he couldn't stop talking about her, he's had sex with her 10 times... 10 TIMES!!! Yipes!, he leaves his cellphone, with a pic of Erika on it, open for the night so he can sleep. MY GOD, is there anything that doesn't remind you of Erika?!

Anyway, he's been moping around for the past 2 weeks, because Erika got grounded because of Josh and now she seemed mad at him. At school, she asked him to have sex with her in the Locker Room and he refused so she was pissed at him then too. Geez, that girl is such a slut and Josh doesn't even know it. I seriously wanted to just beat the *bleap* out of her. She pisses me off with her naive, innocent acts and she doesn't talk much around me. Did I mention that she used to work at the same place as Josh and ever since she got grounded because of him, she hasn't been to work since. I've never met Erika's parents, but I'm glad that they isolated that little slut from my best friend. I don't know... she is NOT the one for him. I believe that. Heh now I'm babbling.

Anyway, Erika is off probation now and I'm starting to wonder if they'll still be together. I really hope not. Josh doesn't even know that I hate her. To be honest, I felt jealous at first because Josh turned his attention towards Erika more and because of that, I didn't see him as often. We barely made plans too. She ruined the last 6 months of my life. Okay... deep breath... now Josh is still thinking about her all the time. He once stopped his car on a hill from Erika's house with me in it and brings out these binoculars to see if anyone was home. I mean talk about CREEPY!

I hope someone understood what I was trying to explain. I basically babbled in those last two paragraphs. My main point is that I want them to break up because she is not the one for him. I feel so feminine when it comes to these two, even though I'm a guy. I just wish that I could shut it and be happy for them, but I can't.
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