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Originally Posted by koler kinda pisses me off, the whole, I have to lable myself as soon as possible so that people accept me thing. When your stright, its not just for the sex is it? Your stright because you have or will or just can fall in love with people of the oppisite sex, you can see yourself spending the rest of your life with someone and hold them and love them from the heart. When your gay, thats exactly how you feel about people of the same sex. Its not a feeling you choose, or want necessarily, but lust, really has nothing to do with it and if it does, then your hearts not in the right place. Do I think you gay? no, but i don't think your stright either, or even bi. Why? Because whats the use in lableing yoruself so early? So you can blend or go against the crowed. Just be yourself. And don't jump to any conclusions. You will KNOW if your gay just like sombody knows when there not. just give yourself some room to breath.
Kolte, that was very well said And I will take your advise, and wait a little longer to find out, and not jump to conclusions.
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