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Default Re: do you think nervously?

Originally Posted by coolkid719
don't you think that your parents think that you are masturbating in the shower? I'm thinking always my mom is peeking through the bathroom door while i'm masturbating. But I tried to peek out on the door to see how much do you have to open but you have to open a lot.
Did you ever got caught by your parents while you were masturbating?

And also once, when my mom goes out of the house to the groceries I felt like i want to masturbate, so I take all my clothes off and masturbate in the living room. But when i didn't clean the cum on my penis, i get the cum on my boxers and then my finds it in the laundry that there is cum and my mom thought that it came from when i was sleeping !whew!
Don't you feel like that when you are alone in the house?

Hi, I'm 13 years old I live in Seoul, Korea
I'm in an oversea school(American School)
My face is Korean but I work with English lot more!
Is any of you from a country other than USA?

P.S Sorry about all the questions....
Its quite allright, vt is for asking questions My family is pretty down to earth and usually lets everyone have there own space. I take my showers in my own bathroom late at night, so really I never think twice about that. I havent really been cought, had some really close calls, but other then that, never. When I'm alone in the house, which is about 7-9 hours a day lol seeing as I teach myself, I usually try to keep all sexual things to my room. I guess yeah I could venture forth into the rest of the house, but I like to respect it because its everyones room you know? I'm 15, live in the states, I will be taking international business in college come this fall, so though I havent been to many other countries outside of north america, I've allways had an intrest.

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