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Default With Arms Wide Open

Ok so yeah i have no life just to let you know ahead of time. But writing a screenplay (yet again: no life) called "With Arms Wide Open" based off of the creed song (couldnt think of neother title) so I need a good tragedy for the ending.
Heres the basics:
guy meets girl
love @ first sight
(ending unknown)

The ending to me has to be a tragedy. I like dramatic and sad endings (dont ask) So um ne suggestions?

the endings that i dont want
1) girl gets raped guy gets pissed and shoots everyone up. These are kids our age.
2) They break up and never see eachother again.
3) they get into a car wreck and die.

So yet again....a little help would do me good. Just it's the ending that is killing me so please i need some help. When u post be sure to give me ur REAL name so that i can put your name in the credits section. (I have had a history with plagarism and i dont appreciate it very well. Thats y i never post my short stories online)
PS: Guys there will be action in it yes....but it wont be until they see eachother when there like twenty or something cuz come on a teenager with two SPAS shotguns in his hands is kind of cheesy.
So yeah some help would do.
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