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Default Re: Rate Your Sexuality

Originally Posted by L1ghtn1ng Ra1n View Post
This is what I think Matt means.

You're saying Homosexual men talk with a lisp and all that (which I think is just plain stupid, but I'll stay calm for now). You think that's what most of the homosexual male community do.

Well, Matt's saying for you straight men not to play football, or flaunt around your girlfriend, or anything along that line, because that's supposedly what all straight men do.
Fair enough, but I dont do what you described with the purposeful intent of displaying my sexuality, I do those things because I enjoy them. Guys who fake lisps, are doing it not because they have a speech impediment but to signal others to their orientation. I have nothing against people with real impediments, but they should be insulted by being mocked at in basically a homosexual mating call. I know many gay men (friends of parents) that I had no idea and didnt care about their orientation until my parents told me, that doenst bother me at all. However talking to them about it, they said that they didnt like the young guys that fake the lisps and act effemminate because they think they are supposed to. The guys I know dress how they want, do what they want, I dont need to know about it, thats their thing. I dont talk to them about what I like to do with my girlfriend (which I dont even have at the moment)...
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