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Originally Posted by krzwis
forget about your bonner...bonners do happen....heck, i get them from kissing sometimes...but ussualy i pay no attention to them

and if she laughs at your pj' what, just tell her that no one is sapose to see your pj's anyway

I don't think she'll notice your bonner...unless your planning to be naked. bonners are hard to spot if your wearing clothing

go if you want to...but be VERY CAREFUL when your there. Last thing we need is for you to cry out on this forum that you got her pregnat or had sex with her. Leave the boner in the pants, and as long as you dont say, she won't know
Well said man, I totally agree witht you, ya I get boners when im dancing with girls, but they dont notice, partially because its dark down in the basement, but anyways trust me they wont notice.
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