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i liked donnie darko, it was a pretty good movie but nothing spectacular. but i have to disagree with the village, i bought it for $5 from a chinese market place and regreted it ever since. psychological thriller is one of my favourite genres.

the best i have seen imo would be:

a Clockwork Orange:
the movie was on tv a few weeks ago it holds amazingly acurate signficance even today, and during the brainwashing scenes i felt Alex's pain. there was no unneeded dialogue in the entire film and it left me happy when it was over.

the Kill Bill movies
: I enjoyed the gore and style of the kill bill movies. There isnt much else to point out about it unless you havnt seen them but the story was typical of what Tarantino was trying to create, an old school oriental kung fu kinda flick.

Sin City: I have not been a fan of most comic adaptations onto the silver screen, but sin city blew me away with the acid-noir filming and great stories that slowly came together. I cant wait for the sequel
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