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Default Re: Microsoft Flight Simulator

You guy's want Screenshots? Ohhhhhh boy! Do I have some for you!
I have counted them up, well Windows did all of my screenshots, I have... 37,192,793 About 70 Gigs of pics, all on a nice, external... Hard drive... Jsut for screenshots too... Because I like them.. Hold on a minute I have a few places I would like to show everyone.

Air Canada 727-200 over BC Canada.

Anchorage, Alaska.. Finnair MD-11GE engines.

Concorde and Templof, Germany.

Delta 777-200LR , Anchorage, Alaska... (approach)

Las Vegas at night in a Cessna 206/My fave Prop.

One of the few times I will play FSX...
I think we are a little high for the approach... Nah, we will be okay, WATCH THIS! LOL

Here is a edited photo of Vienna. I love this feild. Pleasure flying there.

British Airway's MD-11GE Engines, Princess Juliana. (My second fave airport/landings)

Japan Airlines MD-11GE (J-Bird paint)
J-Bird is a former airline withint Japan Airlines My favorite bird.

Because I know everyone LOVES big planes... Sexy as they are... A Anotov 225 with a Shuttle onboard...

That is all I have for you for now. I will get some of Kia Tak(Fave place to land Everrrrrrr)
I love Kia Tak's approach and I think if you all had the some airport, you would love the most chalenging landing you will ever have.

Sadly Kai Tak is no longer with us in the real world... BUT, I love the virtual world!

- Chad Erdos
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