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Default Psychological films, and your faves.

We've all probably seen some kind of "psychological [thriller]" flick sometime in our lives, so do you like the genre? And what are you favorite psychological films?

I recommend:

The Village: This movie is very underrated, and disliked by many because they expected it to be scary, bloody, and very suspenseful, but that's probably not what M. Night Shyamalan wanted it to be; but he might have had to market it that way. The ending is very surprising, and really provokes your thoughts on modern society. What's more, the acting is tremendous, especially that of Bryce Dallas Howard. And the score is amazing.

Donnie Darko: A VERY VERY underrated film. It's about a troubled teenager of roughly 16 who, one night, is drawn out of his house and meets a demonic rabbit, who tells him when the world will end. Then an airplane engine crashes through the roof of his house, into Donnie's bedroom. The rest of the movie deals with many concepts like school censorship, God, and the human soul and mind. The ending is open-ended, but for the better. It really makes you think while the beautiful song "Mad World" plays over a montage of characters from the movie. All in all, a masterpiece.

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