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advent_child, its not like we dont like people from the UAE its just that they are near countries where terrorists are suspected to be so we are against them controlling our ports because we fear that those nearby terrorists could have ease in slipping in and getting to the US. All those countries in the mid east arent sad depressing places where people are killed and terrorized all the time, but nor are they happy places where everyone respects others ways of life. and about the British in WW2, they were our main Ally so of course we'd be trading with them. Our troops marched into battle with them, fought with them and died with them so we werent nervous about keeping open trade with them. but when we were nervous about what Germany was doing befoer the start of WW1, we stopped selling them Hydrogen so they wouldnt be able to use zeppelins as they were and it stopped their hydrogen engineering because we were worried they were doing something we didnt like. so if we dont have trade with someone, there's a reason for it because trade influences economies so much tese days is offline   Reply With Quote