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Originally Posted by advent_child
Originally Posted by koler
Originally Posted by advent_child
Well I find it strange that members of congress have no quarrell with a British company running the ports, but go up in arms when an Arab company does. It shows some amount of profiling and racism, as the company would have had no power over tariffs, essentially all they would do is load and unload cargo.
well I'm not shocked nor do I find it strange that we might get a little ancy when a company from a region of the world the US is in war with, is protested for buying ports in the states. We are not in war with Europe, so its not as shocking

so in world war two, if a british company bought the ports, you would be against it because were at war with a company in the region of the world the us is in war with? THE UNITED ARAB EMIRATES are our allies! We sould not hold one country accountable for another's actions.
you are trying to relate WW2 with the war on terror? How does that make any since? They are two VERY different wars in two very different times. WW2 was axis and allies. One group of many countries vs. another group of many countries. The war on terror is many different countries vs. an organization that spreads out over the entire world. The middle east is the mother reigion of this organization. Many many people who will stop at nothing to ensure that the western way of life is destroyed. If they would have bought our ports and gone forth, and an attack did happen, then all hell would have broken loose. Not including the loss of human life, bush would have been impeached half of congress would have freaked out, revolutions on the streets. Our economic secruity would freak and the terrorists would strike us when we were down. So go ahead, let terrorists take over our economy, see what happens.

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