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Windows Defender:

Possible Mac influence?

back in the old days... seemingly sexy.

This is what stopped the blackout...and what tought me an important lesson: for my birthday i want more ram.

Ummm... why did they do this?

I mean really you could put more than one tab here...

Cool screen saver but... why only one tab per window?

ooooooo DOS...UNIX sooo much better though...

wow a folder that searches your hard drive for a specific type of file... original, definatly not mac like...

Sooo much of my 3400+ being used, too much...

i used the search bar to find this:

So my finalized impression of vista is this: The final will support directx, i mean it makes no sense for microsoft to have a consol that does and an operating system that dosen't. Buy more ram... I am definatley getting at least two gigs now. Wait for the final version...then pirate it.

EDIT: oh wow i was searching a list of mirror sites for fedora core 5, and I found this:

I'm downloading my operating system (one of em anyway) from like hef is cheating on the bunny with the penguin...

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