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This is a not so good part on my part...o.O Not one of my better writings.

Being near death and unconscious is no fun. Apparently, people think that since your eyes are closed, you’re dead, so they keep trying to wake you up. It would’ve been SO great to just SLEEP right then and there. It was dark enough. Still though, I could hear someone gently waking me up.
“Ro, you can’t sleep now. C’mon, Ro, get up! You’ve lost too much blood, you’ve got to wake up now,” I could hear. Ham? No…not Ham. My cloudy mind struggled to wake itself up, tried to figure out who was talking to me, but the rest of me shooed the unwelcome visitor off and tried to roll over, burying my head in my pillow and blankets.
But I had no pillows and blankets. I didn’t have a bed, only a cold, hard, rock floor beneath me. Where in God’s name was I?
I sat up quickly, trying to remember all that had happened to me. Well, this wasn’t a good idea. As I woke up, awareness sped into my body. And I don’t only mean aware of where I was (which was a small, dark, dark room). I became aware of how much pain I was in. I bit down on my tongue hard as I tried not to scream, or cry in pain.
“Lay back down, you’re ok,” the voice said again. Yeah, ok. Like I’d believe that. I’m pretty sure I’d be the first to know how much pain I was in. I cracked my eyes open, and saw Shyam standing over me.
“Am I dead yet?” I asked, my voice raspy.
“Almost, but you’re here in time. I’ll fix you up in no time, Ro,” he replied.
“One of my powers is healing. I just healed Ham, who’s still a little shaky from blood loss and near death, but he’ll live. You too, you just needed to be awake, or else something could go wrong,” Shyam explained.
“You mean something can go wrong?! Well, that’s reassuring,” I muttered, but I let my body go lax. Shyam closed his eyes softly and let his hands float over my body. A slight tingly feeling seeped into my legs, then ran up my torso into my chest and head. It felt SO great. Like…renewal. Yet nearly as soon as it started, it ended. I realized my brain no longer felt like it was about to burst, leaving shards of skull around the place, and the bullet holes in my shoulder and wing disappeared.
“Wow, you should really take that skill public,” I said, sitting up slowly, rubbing the back of my head. I stretched my wing. It didn’t move. I stretched my wing. It still didn’t move. I looked behind me—
--My wings weren’t there. My eyes widened as my brain silently freaked out.
“Shyam, where are my wings?!? They’re not here!!!” I cried. I heard Shyam sigh.
“You…don’t know where we are, do you, Ro?” he asked, not meeting my eyes. I quickly shook my head, “Those men who captured us…they’re Vollmer’s soldiers. He ordered us to be captured, and we’re either going in jail, going to be brainwashed to help him, or executed. And actually, that last choice is the one we’re hoping for.”
That kinda snapped everything into perspective. I glanced around the room. Everyone was here, except for Shamus, Iris, Rip, and Fin. Yeah, I bet it was Shamus who ratted us out. Something told me Vollmer didn’t know where we were just by guessing.
“And then where are my wings?” Another sigh.
“When any member of the Dumaniz is brought here, they stick a chip on your body. It’s impossible to get off without the right stuff, and it zaps your powers. You probably can’t use your power of imagination, either,” he said. I tried, and couldn’t.
“But what about you? You just healed me!”
“But my other power is gone, my force fields. It means that they probably want to keep us alive for something. And that’s not good. Now go rest a little, you need it.”
I nodded, but I knew after that mind blowing shock, I knew that I’d obtain no sleep whatsoever. I sat down and leaned against a wall next to Ham. He sat with his legs crossed and his head held in his hands.
“Ro, I’m sorry they got you too,” he said, knowing I was there without looking.
“Ham, you got shot in the stomach. There wasn’t much you could do,” I replied flatly.
“But Rip’s still out there. He’s got to have Shamus, Iris and Fin with him. He’ll know what to do…” Ham said, trailing off. His hopes were high that someone would rescue us, which was the exact opposite of what Shyam thought. Suddenly, the door opened with a loud creak. Bright light flooded in, and a tall figure walked in, followed by an even taller, more menacing figure.
I didn’t know the second, but the first, was Rip.
I knew then that he was the one who betrayed us to Vollmer. I could sense Ham’s disbelief, but I think even he knew it was true. The one who had help us all would also cause our death.

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