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In February 2006 allegations were made that ATI were shipping video cards advertised as "HDCP-ready" but which only contained support for HDCP at the GPU level without board level support (and therefore not usable with applications requiring HDCP)... and as for the ge force two, it is plausable because the xbox's graphics where ge force three class. The only reason that microsoft left nvidia was because they were too stupid to negotiate falling manufacturing costs into their contract with nvidia, and nvidia was unwilling to amend the contract. So, ATI designed the 9700 to fit the DirectX specifications. Rendering color support was limited to 24-bits, and shader performance had been emphasized throughout development, since this was to be the main focus of DirectX 9. BAM.
Then there is the stock perspective. ATI (stock symbol aty) is worth 17.20.
NVIDIA (stock symbol NVDA) is worth 57.40 .

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