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Default Wich girl should i choose...

alright...well this is how it goes, i started talking to this girl online (my friends friend) and i like her, but she lives a little while away, so i've usually just been like yeah she is just a friend, but recently we've been talking and i want that to change but, like i said the distance and all that i dont know what to do anymore...

mean while at school this girl i used to like and i have been spending a lot of school time together, i even sit by her at lunch, she isnt "nice" but its fun hanging out with her and all.... but she seems like i dont know how to put this nicley so i'll just say she sounds like a whore, she has a new boyfriend every week, so im kind of ify about me even getting involved with her any more...

then the third girl, i like her a lot, she seems the most fun....i am pretty sure she likes me because on the bus back home she sits next to me even if all the seats around me are empty, we flirt the whole way execpt....she has a boy friend and ever since i found that i am all wondering......i have no clue what i should do, i like them all but dont know what to do

it'd be great if you all can give me your advice , and hello everybody
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