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Default Re: Rate Your Sexuality

Originally Posted by JasonClark View Post
Im a 1. lol

im actually a bit homophobic, but only in the sense of gay sex. I dont mind men haveing relationships and all that but...the sex does actually make me feel queezy. Seeing gays in public, or talking to homosexuals doesnt enrage me lol, just the sex.

sorry if I offend anyone
Ill have to agree with that, except it also bugs me when they pull out the fake lisp or discuss their orientation. I dont give a shit what fetish they happen to have whether its men, or feet or what. I dont go around telling everybody that I like cooter, or going out my way to make people know im straight, im just... me.

If anyone has ever seen Ron White, he has a great set about how nobody is really truely straight... let me see if I can find it.

EDIT: Here it is, lmao:

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