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i agree with everybody else tell him NO and the fact hes trying to push u ... shows a lack of respect b/c hes not respecting ur answer when u said no!! omg i hate guys like that... but anyways

dont do it sweetie u wont be ready.. this kid is just a horny boy... if he keeps it up i dont think u should consider being with him...or at elast..back off of him

sex... brings alot of emotions

honestly.. since i had my first time... i dont regret that...
but, i wish i coulda waited kinda...i already know wat to expect now......... even tho im with the same guy

now its just a reglar bases thing.. and im tired of it.. it aint all that its cracked up to be
just wait sweetie..wait for the right guy that ur 100% comfortable and IN LOVE with. plus wait a while
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