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Originally Posted by greatoldone
i dont know if this is just me who gets mad about this, but when someone i know blames things that i say or do on puberty, and adolescence, and being a teenager, i get kinda pissed. Is this something to be genuinely mad about, or is it just the hormones getting to me?
Its really difficult because there is nothing to tell you when you get irritable because of changes in your hormones, or because youre actually angry at someone or something -no warning light starts beeping, nothing!
Im not sure about you, but the thing I used to get most annoyed at, when people blamed puberty/hormones etc for my bad moods, (I only realised this later) was myself. There is nothing you can do about your hormones and that used to get to me because its my body and I should be in control of it, right? right?!?!? LOL! ...if that makes sense?
No...Im jsut weird...right ok ... ...LOL!
And whenever someone brought up the fact that it was probably due to my hormones, it would only remind me about my lack of control over my own body, so i would get even more pissed off and take it out on them because they had reminded me hehe
To be compeltely honest, its the same when I get have all been warned LOL! Im jk!

The other thing that annoyed me was the way that some adults seemed to be rather patronising in the way they would inform me that it was all to do with hormones, which I obviously would have no idea about because Im a silly teenager
You jsut have to bite the bullet on that one though, as theres not much that will convince them they dont know everything about puberty, afterall, they have been through it (as im sure you have been reminded about, only around 242357097502835027 times! "i was your age once, you know!" LOL! )

Anyway, it might help to just stop and try to take some deep breaths whenever you feel yourself getting pissed off...and jsut be prepared to apologise a lot
Sorry I couldnt be of much help, I dont know how you feel about the lack of control or about patronising elders, or maybe it really is all jsut down to your hormones -... :o aah! no! I mean...umm...not in a patronising way and...uhh ...deep breaths????
hehehe Im jk

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