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You can call me Josh, or Josho, Catie!! Lmao. At least you don't say on here what you say on xanga: You need to write, you need to write, you need to write x a billion.

Iris and I were jolted back by an insanely powerful force. I skidded into a wall; a great pain went through my arm like it was being eaten from the inside out.
“Shamus!?” called Iris.
“Yes? My arm’s probably broken!”
“Oh, God.”
Like a group of black storm troopers from Star Wars, armored soldiers emerged from the smokey hole in the wall, turning their machine guns’ safety off. Iris and I scrambled behind trashcans.
“Come out with your hands up!” a large soldier commanded. I flexed the supernatural muscle; the trash can moved so fast it seemed like it magically teleported itself onto the large man’s crushed torso. My head throbbed with the enormous effort I just exerted. The soldiers opened fire. The wall expelled large puffs of dust as the bullets kept coming and coming. I mentally picked up the second, and last, trash can, tossing it around the corner. It turned sharply and knocked out two soldiers with two loud and beautiful thunks.
I leapt behind a wall as the soldiers turned in my direction.
Then Iris acted, taking her two trash cans at the same time and flinging them around. One trash can missed and hit a wall extremely loudly, but the other one found its target in a short soldier’s face. The remaining three soldiers fired in her direction. She ducked behind a wall, but her arm was clipped by a bullet. She stifled a yelp. Her arm began to bleed profusely, but she hid any sign of pain. I was amazed on how strong she was.
But then the soldiers made their way towards her. I guess they were going to get us one at a time. As crept over, I jumped out and said, “Hey!” They turned towards me, but held fire because my arms were raised. At least these apes show some mercy. Trying to concentrate on the soldiers, and not the burning pieces of the overflowing dumpster, I turned my hands slightly in the direction of the flaming dumpster.
“Hey…” they said, but the shards attacked them like eagles. Furiously, the pieces of metal collided with their suits, cutting through them. Every soldier was killed in at the most, four seconds. I stepped over the mangled mess to Iris.
“Are you okay?” I asked helplessly.
“I think so.”
“Wait…” she was losing blood rapidly. “You’re not okay, look how much blood you’re losing!”
“Don’t worry, I have more,” she joked.
“Ha ha, Little Miss Comedian,” I said. Wow, it was really fun to joke around with her, even after vicious soldiers attacked us. “Here,” I said, and I took off my tie and wrapped it around the gunshot wound. It wouldn’t stop the bleeding. “I guess we’ll have to get to the headquarters A.S.A.P. to get some gauze.”
“Why don’t you wrap your shirt around it?” Iris asked. I saw a slight amount of redness fill her cheeks. Oh crap, I thought. I didn’t put on one of those muscle shirts. Under this, I’m topless!
Stupidly, I blurted, “Are you sure you’re bleeding that badly?”
“Come on, Shamus, I’m dying here!” she said, but slightly laughing. She wasn’t asking me to dress her wounds, but daring me to take off my shirt!
“Fine,” I muttered shyly, “if you’re dying.”

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