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I'm Christian. I don't have any specifics such a catholic, methodists, baptist, etc.. I'm not going to point fingers at anyone or tell what is right or wrong. Though i will ask if any who reads these posts if they are familiar with Martin Luther's 95 theses. It's a great example of how opinion conflicts with another. This became a major problem during the Reformation arround the time of the european renaissance. Many poeple started separting from the catholic church's belief and became protestant. putting it into todays propective,everyone has some different interpretation. It's complicted and during the reform the Catholic church excomunicated many people, during the reform thast is, if they dared to follow Luther's example. So then the Catholic church took action and formed the Council of Trent that stated that any interpretation other than the catholic faith made that individual a heretic. Today is much different from them, but it is clear to me that discrimnating and hating others of another faith to me is not Christian at all. Another thing that bothers me is how people stereotype that all Muslims are evil. Howerever there is no excuse for the tragedy on 9/11.
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