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first off, winblows, mac, linux, etc aren't "programs" they are Operating systems. the programs run within them

i hate software with a passion so ill let kiros touch on that

consider your harddrive a warehouse, it stores everything permanently unless it is removed otherwise. there are many kinds of harddrives. 5400 through 15k rpm, different buffer sizes, size in gb of course, platter density and interface

RAM (random access memory) is a million times faster than a harddrive but is much smaller and is cleared when theres no power going to it. when you open a program it loads part of itself into RAM so that it can be used in a speedy manner

the motherboard is the equivalent of the human nervous system, it lets all the parts of the computer communicate with each other and controls speeds of many different parts.

you should know what a power supply does... ill just say this In: 110vac or 220vac Out: 12, 5, 3.3, -5, -12vdc

video card puts video to your monitor and renders 3d stuff during games

network interface card lets you be on a network (100mbit networks are most common and 1gbit networks are rare for home use)

im not going to talk about the processor as it is a complicated beech

this has been your revised computer lesson by KiD AKA Rent-2-Pwn

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