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I have a huge dilema right now. I came out and told everyone I was gay and no one really cared. The guy I liked got weirded out and he stopped like talking to me and stuff. Today, was a school dance, and a lot of girls were dancing with me like really close etc. and I was grabbing their boobs but they didn't care because I'm gay. Then a few guys today were like 'Yeah Jeremy we knew you weren't gay you just wanted the girls" so I said your right I"m sitll straight. And the girl slapped me, all the guys laughed, and they thought I was straight again. Then I went up to the guy I liked and I'm like yeah I'm going to pretend to grind you in front of the girls, so they think I"m gay. And he smiled and I grinded him. Then I hugged him. Oh my god that hug. I can't explain how long I've wanted to hug him. And now I can without him freaking out. I have a once in a life time chance, I could take back coming out. I could go boack in the closet and get closer to the guys. I really dont' know what I should do. Please help.
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