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Default Re: *** Ask ALL Cut / Uncut Questions HERE ***

Originally Posted by NMon View Post
80% are intact? BS. :\
My mom told me that I was only cut because Jesus was, and I praise him in my religion, so...
Christianity is also the biggest worldwide belief. So if that many people are loyal to him, imagine how many would be cut.
[Just sayin']
well... depends where you live. In australia it's like 60~70% of Australian babies born nowadays (from around the 70s onwards) aren't circumcised, very few babies now are being circumcised, even by religious people, unless you're strongly Jewish or another religion, and it's similar in the UK, NZ and Canada, and a lot of other countries.

But the idea that Jesus was circumcised because of his jewish faith doesn't mean you have to be, Jesus condemned a lot of of the Jewish faith, it's what you do onto to other and how you treat others is how you show your faith and love for Jesus and his teachings, not whether you are circumcised.
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