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Originally Posted by NickM1234 View Post
Iv masturbated since i was 12. And i did it daily for a few years im 15 now and my penis is still small and it is harder to get an erection why is this so?
You could just be having troubles to get aroused. It's ok, because most guys go through this. I would recommend to stop masturbating for a few days.

Originally Posted by htchayden View Post
i'm new to the forums
i'm uncut and sometimes just before i avoid mess, i pull my foreskin forward and hold the end to prevent any coming out, and then i get a tissue and pull back to let the semen out and quickly clean up.

does anyone else do this?
First off, welcome to the forums. Glad to have ya. Second, don't do this. Just take a few tissues and ejaculate into them. That way, you can just throw it away and pull up your pants. Simple as that.

Originally Posted by coolguy12 View Post
well i shoot so i lie down naked on my bed and i cum on my chest then i take a tissue nd wipe it of, i donnt think its messy at all and if u do it the way u do u probably wudnt enjoy ur orgasm as much
This doesn't go for everybody. Everyone, men and women, experience orgasm in different ways.

Originally Posted by htchayden View Post
like...i don't get how you can block off your cum. ?

and ur prostate is like up ur ass so how does that affect it?
DO NOT BLOCK. You block your ejaculation, that can cause problems. Let it come out naturally. The prostate helps with ejaculation by contracting to push the semen through your urethra. That is how it affects ejaculation.

Originally Posted by Brighter.Tomorrow View Post
Hello again VirtualTeen. you blackhole.

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