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Default Which GIRL???

I have a serious problem, and i need some help

FIRST. Im a freshman in highschool. Theres this girl in my grade, steffi. Shes really hot and has a great personality. At this party, we were laying together on this couch and we got really close and she was hugging me a lot. Later that night, i saw her hugging my best friend, Michael. I was confused because i thought "we had something." Should I ask her out or not? Do you think she likes me?

SECOND. Theres a really hot cute blonde 8th grader that i really wunna go out with next year when she gets 2 high school. Shes also got a great personality, but her brother is a senior this year, and always beats guys up if they try to make a move on his sister. We like eachother, but i dont wunna get my ass kicked by her brother if he returns next year from college and finds out that i been gettin some from his sis. Shuld i ask her out? What shuld I do about her older brother? (Her older bro and my older bro r best friends. Theyre both seniors)

THIRD. Theres this girl whose nicer than the other 2. Shes not as attractive (shes not ugly), but she really like me, and is always grabbing my ass, spanking me, grabing my dick, hugging me, and constantly feeling me up. Should I develop a relationship with her?

Which girl do u think is best for me? FIRST, SECOND or THIRD?

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