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Originally Posted by what the?
Firslty, drink lots of water, that is very important. Secondly, try to avoid things like, chocolate, coffee, of any greasy food. The next vital thing is to get the right balance of facial cleansers. You sohuld have one exfoliant, which removes dead skin cells and trapped dirt, and a gentle facial cleanser. Use the exfoliant once a day, no more. I would recomend Clean & Clear Blackhead Clearing Daily Scrub. Then a gentle cleanser, which you can use in the morning and the evening. I would recomend Biore Pore Perfect blemish fighting ice cleanser. Then finaly, a simple moisturiser, which you can once a day, or if your skin feels dry. I would recomend some thing Nivea for Men Balancing or Extra Soothing Moisturiser. I hope that helps!
Id totally agree. Masturbation may not have a direct affect on ur skin, but it is good for ur soul. Also, pimpels are sometimes caused from stress. So dont stress life. I just got back from the bahamas, where i relaxed for 7 days, and my skin is a lot softer

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