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And MG, "Everybody is wrong, there isn’t anything in politics even worth conversing about" << that is not a statement referring to conversation about bush being a waste of time, no you are implementing that politics are a waste of time. Try living without politics my friend, and see how well you fare, as we all know the people of Sudan are doing so wonderful without real government, as well as the people of Afghanistan! I mean, really, don't you want to be like them? Caves are soooo nice when you get past the spiders, toxic water, scarce food, hard dirt bed and dim light. So be my guest and live in a world without politics. And three years of under study on politics? Let us not forget you are a teenager. Civics and social studies don’t count. *pats head* Your fictitious world without politics seems so nice, I believe they call it Anarchy, the damnation of governmental influence, were the people roam free like they did so during the middle ages and beyond. I’m sorry, I like running water, commerce, and jurisdiction. That keeps the wicked criminals out of my life and happy go lucky, educated, intelligent folk by my side. You refuse to bare witness to the politics that keep your world afloat my dear boy. Your education, water, electricity, Wal-Mart, Mc Donald’s, Car company, phone company, basically every aspect of your easy modern day life, is fantastically entwined into politics. The Chamber Of Commerce, supplying crucial marketing needs to your local grocer and mall! A happy form of free market society run by a political section. Your fancy computer that you are happily and freely playing on was built by a company that is most likely a corporation, and therefore a rather...political/economic aspect of your very own life. The school you may or may not dread so unappreciatively, is most likely a public, state government funded building, solely founded to fill your little teenage mind with the information needed to fulfill your every dream. Helpful law after Helpful law passed seemingly throughout the year just to insure your businesses aren’t cheating you. A small pinch of your yearly income goes into building a library, a school, a women and children’s center, a federal hospital for dieing Sudanese children who are right now enjoying the festivities of a non political country. And on occasion the government will take some of the money you allowed them to have, and liberate a country bound under a religious dictatorship, to possibly allow these deprived people the chance to share the politics you so obviously despise. And when you say that only the rich can go into politics. Why take a look at Bill Clinton! He grew up middle class, he made a difference! Look at the Bush family! You know, they started out pretty poor and then became rich and then became president! How delightful! It just goes to show that will a little hard work and effort, anyone who’s anyone can strive to achieve the goals the want. Why, perhaps you can get over whatever grudges you have for our government, and join this generation in the fight to end political corruption, and evasion. Or you can sit on your ass complaining about how corrupt the government is and how useless politics are all the while watching your TV made possible by our happy go lucky political country, eating chips manufactured by a corporation, watching a Afghan child starve to death in its perfect political free zone. Joy.

""The New Law of Righteousness," that there "shall be no buying or selling, no fairs nor markets, but the whole earth shall be a common treasury for every man," and "there shall be none Lord over others, but every one shall be a Lord of himself.""
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