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Originally Posted by Thomas
There's nothing wrong with homosexuality, get over it. It does not matter if it's two men, or two women, or a man and a women. You live in a world where people are different then you, so accept it. Why don't you just get over it. Gosh, Idiot.
I have no beef with homosexuality or incest. You're telling me to "accept the fact" that people are different? Why don't you accept incest?

Originally Posted by Julio caesar shavez the 4
Originally Posted by 1337 Man
I'm not for it or anything, SoI just want a good argument against incest, and why people think it's so "messed up" or "wrong". far, nobody has posted a good reason why incest is bad.
besides the fact that its fucks with the kids out come there is nothing rong with it . its just that our society dose not exceptet it like i ancient greece gay where so normal its not even funny but now a days it like a fucking sin. but if kill some iraqy on the street cuz u saw him with a gun u would get 2 murder charges put on u no one would exsepet that put if u were in war and shot one you would get a metal
well what i just trying to say is if society exsept it it is they auto matically ok
You obviously don't understand genetics that well if you think "it screws up kids". I've done a family tree below to show how "screwed up" incest can be.

If the defected gene is not found in the children of children 1 and 2, and those children reproduce for forever, It's impossible for the defected gene to occur in their children. What about the children of children 3 and 4? Their children have more instances of the defect, with only one homozygous dominant child. Ah! But if children 2, 3, and 4 from children 3 and 4 reproduced with child 1, all of their children would not have the trait!

And that's assuming the first mother or father has the recessive gene for the defect in the first place (which is very unlikely)! If both original parents are homozygous for the dominant trait, then none of their children will have any chance of getting the recessive gene unless they reproduce outside of the family!

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