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Well no president has successfully been impeached, no matter how much trouble they caused. I don't believe there are enough votes in the House and Senate right now to even start an impeachment. Reguarding the Katrina deal, I'm very farmiliar with it and I know the only people that really are mad at him in reguard to it are the liberals. It was failure all around, from FEMA, which handed out two grand to anyone with a damaged shingle, to the Red Cross, which is not a government agency, who also just handed out money( in my area). The National Guard was very helpful by handing out MRE's and trying to maintain some law in the most damaged areas. I really don't blame Bush because it was a major cock-up all around. Blanco is in WAY over her head, and seems very limp in that she can't stand for an issue and hold her ground well. She dropped the "dollar a pack tobacco tax" completly without really fighting very much to pass it. She abandoned the issue of teacher payraises completly untill now, when we are gearing up for some two years. Louisiana politics involve complete and total corruption, so the legislature moves SLOW. I admit that Iraq was the BIGGEST mistake the president ever made, one because some people can not see that a statement based on faulty intellegence is not a lie, because MI6, the CIA, Russian intelligence and other scources all said Sadaam had WMD's. The intelligence was extremely faulty, in part because congress worked in the 1970's to invest most of the CIA's budget into technology based spy equipment, not human intelligence, so we are screwed when it comes to spying on an underdeveloped country. TWO because you can't go to war without wartime taxes. The German's failed to impose taxes in WWI, they just printed their own money. Inflation grew so much that a woman reported the theft of a laundry basket containing stacks and stacks of German currency. The thief dumped out the money and left with the basket. Now we have a huge deficit. It was 400 billion, then it went down, then Katrina hit, so it had to have climbed. To sum it up, Bush made mistakes, but you can't impeach a man for not being perfect.

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