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I know plenty about how the government works, i am just trying to say, dont invest all of your time in what bush has done wrong or right, that is pointless! Study History, i say actually study wars and conflicts, and government mishaps, and make sure they dont happen again, but ofcourse, no matter what... it always going to happen. I think labeling me ignorant just because from my own experiences i am trying to give some of your guys advice, i think that is a bit much. I spent 2 or 3 full years of my life, studying government and politics, and to be perfectly honest it was a total waste of time. Unless you are rich or powerful you arent going to get anywhere in that feild, and that is the TRUTH. This isnt the 1800's anymore, not just anyone from a humble backround can get into any sort of high office. Everything is corrupt, and it will just get worse and worse. No matter who is in office it will always be bad, and horrible, there will always be cover-ups, and scandals, whether we see them or not. If everyone hasnt realized it yet, no matter what we hear we are being fed propaganda, and lies, its true, The Newspaper, T.V., Magazines, even movies for god sake. Even first hand accounts aren't beleivable, there are no more respectable resources, besides yourself, and talking about Iraq and Bush doing wrong is completely pointless, because that topic is so clouded by both sides, it is just something we cant even get a straight story from. I dont think it is ignorant to think outside the box on hear and blatantly say both sides are wrong, and it is a waste of time to even think about it.
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