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Originally Posted by NickM1234 View Post
Iv masturbated since i was 12. And i did it daily for a few years im 15 now and my penis is still small and it is harder to get an erection why is this so?
My guess is that the novelty of masturbating has worn off, and masturbating is becoming more of a task than fun. Also, keep in mind that hormones fluctuate during puberty, and chances are you just do not get as aroused as you were when you were twelve. Basically, you are completely normal, and all of us had periods just like you. When I was fifteen I had the same issue, too. Just remember that emotional states can affect sex performance, and if you have a lot on your mind it is going to be harder to do anything sexual than if your mind is clear or if you are in a good mood.

Originally Posted by htchayden View Post
i'm new to the forums
i'm uncut and sometimes just before i avoid mess, i pull my foreskin forward and hold the end to prevent any coming out, and then i get a tissue and pull back to let the semen out and quickly clean up.

does anyone else do this?
What you describe does not sound really healthy, and my view is that you are best letting the semen come out naturally and not try to block it. While you are letting it come out it is clear that you are not letting it shoot out, and my fear is that some semen is making its way back into your system. About the last thing you want to cause is an injaculation which can lead to a lot of urinary problem.
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