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Default Re: WWE/TNA/ECW Chat

I was a hardcore fan during the attitude era, so from say 1998 until 2002. My all time favourite is Triple H for sure. Other favourites would include Brock Lesnar, Kurt Angle, Stone Cold, The APA, and a few others. For me wrestling isn't what it used to be, given with the fact that I've gotten older and more aware, I'm not a fan now really (the internet does spoil a lot these days in everything).

Favourite storylines, years, matches, shows, events anybody?

I loved Triple H's return from a quad tear in Jan 02, the biggest pop I think you'd ever hear in a wrestling event, ever from MSG, NY. I still have that episode of Raw on my PC haha, Raw as a whole was my favourite show. I was a WCW fan for a while, but I've always preferred WWF/E. My favourite wrestling year was probably 2001. Favourite events ever are WrestleMania 16/17 (2000/2001, particularly 01).
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