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Originally Posted by advent_child
What ancestor would that be? The Theory of Common Decent states that all organisms decended from one common ancestor or ancestrial gene pool. Amoeba maybe? It all had to start with one single cell, but which cell is it? I for one would be shocked to discover that we all decended from a gigantic radioactive form of Barbara Streisand, which is completly impossible, but on topic. Whatever the truth is, it is shocking. The beauty of science is that it changes and grows. Around the time of the writing of Americas second constitutuion there was a backed study released by a university stating that if women were educated, the population of the earth would slowly decline and eventually we would become extinct because blood would rush from their uterus to their brain in order to process heavier thought, leaving them barren. Rubbish, huh?
Some form of primitive apelike ansestor I imagine. Yes its true, in the beggining life was in the form of flatworms and algie, but life slowy adapted and evolved to different environments as they got bigger. Animals that lived in water and were beached eventually evolved to survive being beached and then eventually left the water while others stayed, there flippers and fins became arms and legs and there mouths became more fimiler. Some fins became wings and birds and bees evolved some became holves and others paws, depending on the terrian. Some anamials took to the trees for safty, and evolved thumbs so they oculd better grasp the trees, and this went on for billions of years till apes slowly began to walk upright, when they did, the looked into the eyes of there fellow apes and something amazing happend. They communicated. the more they communitcated the smarter they became, they evolved more upright, there genitals moved down and became longer, there feet more formitalbe for walking there heads expanded and slowly over the course of millions of years, evolved into modern man.

that or some god made us....

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