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Originally Posted by R_master
thats not to bad, now im fat, im 5'4 170 pounds, im what u call a fat ass dont feel bad, maybe exersise and eat less
you shouldnt tell somone to eat less, you need to eat healthy, this person says they are 5'9 and 135lbs. that isnt fat at all so maybe change your diet like i did, stay away from junk food and drink lots of water, exersise often and dont binge eat.
Thats a very good answer to a healthy lifestyle. Its important to varrie your foods. And eat according to the pyrimaid. At your age, too much exercise is unhealthy, but a good cardio and arobic workout will do you allot of good. To get rid of your upper body fat, you need to do pushups and pullups. If thats not your style, try going rock climbing, or tree climbing. Maybe just a simple chinup bar in a doorway would suffice. Just eat a high protien meal about 15 to 30 mins before you start your upper body work out and do only as much as you feel compertable doing. the Saying no pain no gain, is not very healthy.

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