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Originally Posted by koler
That is a very disturbing bottem picture, please remove it. The top picture is not true, since a nine month old fetus has no fingers or toes. Look it up. and the bottem is way to late for a legeal abortion, by that time the baby is that old, killing it is just sick. If it has a brain and a nervous system, then its too late to have an abortion. If its past the 12th week then against it. Right now its at about 20 and that means that I'm against the law right now. 4 months is all you get, thats 3 6 9 12 weeks. and after that, its murder. Thats just my thought. Oh, and remember, please remove that disturbing picture.
umm a nine month old fetus has ten fingers and ten toes. and no the bottom picture is within killing range. the law states no abortion may be performed after the twenty-second week of pregnancy. BTW the only way that law will change is if Roe V. Wade is overturned or an amendment is passed. The bottom picture is not of a partial birth-aborted fetus, the abortion was legal.
Thsi is an 18 week old fetus:
look at its eyes and little hands.
this is a 16 week old fetus :
see the fingers and toes.
this is a 20 week fetus. and again, under current law these may be aborted :

it makes no sense for you to talk about a nine month old fetus as having no fingers or toes. in the bottom pic, no fingers and toes are depicted, just the cranium. here is an 8 week fetus:
and here is a 9 week:

talk to an admin, because your reason for wanting the bottom pic removed is that it is the result of an illegal abortion, and i have proven otherwise. i will remove it at the request of an admin.

ps- i did look it up: a nine month old fetus has ten fingers and ten toes.

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