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sorry I ment week not month, I corrected it. And I'm sorry, but I don't NOT NOT NOT support the destruction of babies, I support the right of people to make the decision to abort a fetus that if aborted and laied on a tabe by a pig and a lizard fetus, the best scientists ever couldnt teel which was which. In other words, not a human. Something that if you passed threw your wate wouldnt be able to see or feel. The top picture shows an 11 or 12 week old fetus AT LEAST with devoloped fingers and toes to that extent. And the bottem is a full grown 8 or 9 month old human who can see feel smell taste and hear. The abortion that I support doesnt support abortion after the 12 week. I'm sorry if you cannot see that a picture of a beheaded baby is not appropriote for VirtualTeen content, then I quesiton your ability as an admin. That is just sick and evil.

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