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Default Re: What song applies most to your life right now?

Currently for me it has to be:
Opeth-To Rid The Disease

Theres, nobody here, theres nobody near
I try not to care,dead eyes always stare
Let these matters be (dont trust what you see)
Take hold of your time, step into the line.

Theres innocence torn from its maker,
Stillborn the trust in you,
This failure has made the creator,
So would you tel l him what to do?

Leave your mark upon the head of someone
Who'll cry for his state,we know its too late
I turn round to see,what was meant to be
Faint movement release to rid the disease.

Theres innocence torn from its maker
Stillborn the trust in you
(I have lost all trust i had in you)
This failure has made the creator
So would you tell him what to do?
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