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Originally Posted by Damain
Its supposed to be Guy/Girl not Boy/Boy

Originally Posted by Demon14
i'm 13 m soon to be 14 my friend zack was sleeping over and we both got erections and he said i'll show you mine if you show me your's so i say sure and then we are naked and he starts masturbating so i start masturbating then we took turns doing oral and anal stuff and i liked and did zackwe have another sleep over tommarow it is this normal? i've masturbated with another guy belore but not any of the oral or anal stuff
oh ok, look, you shouldn't worry about whether you're gay or not. You'll find out for sure when you're older, and like I've said before, sexuality isn't really about sex, it's about love. If you love guys, then you might be gay, but to be honest, at the moment, not even you can say for sure. You might drawn to guys, because of hormonal changes. So, just wait it out, and you'll find out later on in life!

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