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Yo, I've been on this forum before. I think I quit for awhile. Just coming here to update my physical apperance. Since the last time I've been here, (I'm 16) I've grown 2 inches (height) I am now 5'7''. My voice is cracking, I now have an adams apple (small, but noticeable). I'm growing stage 4 pubic hair (pubic hair moving to legs and spreading from the base of stage 3 pubes). I have pimples so I know testosterone is still running through my body (much more growth to come). I have a decent amount of leg hair (takeing adult form). My underarm hair is also starting to sprout. Although, my penis is still small, unlike the 3 1/2 it used to be, it is now 4 inches. I know I'm still growing, and I'm in the stage were I'll see dramatic changes. I'm still caught up in the "BIG" question, will my penis still grow? I'm reluctant to ask my dad what his size is erect. But I feel it'll make him in a akward situation (just to compare). Let me know what you guys think.