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I once was suicidal and seriously wanted to commit suicide.So before committing suicide i wanted to punish myself for my wrong actions( imaginary or real) .So i took a blade and repeatedly cut my right shoulder in the same area that it was a deep wound and blood was coming out very much.but i kept cutting myself inside the wound and blood was dripping.
later a year later i cut my leg with a blade deeply.I think i hurt my emotions and self respect and esteem most than my body.i not knowing why i was living everyday and wished why i did not die every second everyday and was so cowardly to even attempt suicide.Cowards and very few OCD's die every second and still live shamelessly on as dependent parasites.But life is woth living even though shamelessly.I think everyone is born for some purpose and having finished that purpose only then will we leave this world ,then only.

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