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koler what is your issue? it seems as if you are contradicting yourself

"I’m not a Christian because I believe you should have equal rights. You are not subservient to me. I am no better then anybody else!" it seems to me as if you think you are better than everyone else

also when was the last time YOU yourself went to church?

i haven't been since xmas and regulary since i was 16 that is a choice i made as i was tired of following my parents (forcing ppl not v christiany? but member the decalogue) but christians believe in equal rights as well. the bible i believe to be fallable so there fore i see that your arguement holds no grounds. if you haven't noticed the world has changed since it was written.

i dont no what your experiences are like to make you with such hatred for christians but i admit that ppl have faults but dont just diss ppls values and bliefs just because of their religion.

you seem to speak as if god is fictional with no proof that he isn't

a atheist once asked a christian "why do you believe in god? you cant see, touch or hear him so why do you think he's there?" the christian replied "can you see air? can you touch it or hear it? no but you know it's there,"

although im not a christian myself (praying for a mountain bike doesn't give you results till your 14, JOKE!) i believe in many key principles of the decalogue and the golden rule as they are used in modern day like in the welfare state and laws

i do believe in god but i think you dont have to follow christian teachings to get into heaven, just listen to your concisence and follow what it says and if you are truly sorry for any transgressions i think god will forgive you. god gave us all the fredom of choice and i think that choice is what is important.

if you or anyone else chooses to be bi or gay or whateva i think god accept that descision

i used to think when i was young (so navie) that weneva it rained god was crying because someone had sinned, to be honest i still hav that feeling, and tht fing is wht i believe

finally ranting finished case of abortion begun

as ive said its down to your own moral conscience, you do have to consider that the child is ill and may die, but can the mother live with the guilt, it can be the case that she can and she can get on with her life as she knows she is emotionally immature enough, but what if she cant? she could hav the baby or adopt it? do you get CBBC in america? cos if you do watch tracy beaker, that is about an adoption home "a dumping ground" and it shows that life isnt just as bleak as what you make out for the kids, koler

back to the ill child arguement, yes its ill and can die and it may be better for it to die without even feeling fresh air, but with so many ppl are fighters, someone who was terminally ill was diagnosed to die at the age of 15, that same person live till the age of 34 and within that life he started up a charity and raised money for it. take chris reeve as example, when he broke his back someppl thought it would be best to let him die, but no he fought and he got better somewhat before he died but he raised money to help others that is the main thing.

therefore my answer to the question
"Abortion, yes or no"

is i think that its down to the mothers and fathers moral conscience and not down to us as individuals though i myself would never want to be responsible of the death of a baby