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Default a dream and a nightmare

so at are school dance. josh my x found out that i thout i liked him and then my other x nate found out that i liked this other boy Devan also an x well xxx (the boys im talkin about are my friends ) so then Nates gf Porta was talking to me when we saw devan and josh had toled him that he was going to tell who i liked but i toled him no so Devan was fallowing me all the way around the dance so then i toled Porta thit i was trying to get back at josh for not going out with me so (we went out 8 x) thats why i went out with nate to make him well you know but that was a long time ago so i realy liked Devan but befor i got a to tell Pota she toled Nat and Nate toled Josh and josh toled Devan so naw there all madat me so i went back t explan to Devan what happend and that i liked him and then Josh drove home and is mad at me and devan and i danced. the naxet day he asked me out and i said yes sooooooooo what do i do about Nate and Josh there mad at me

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